About Rion Ametu

Rion Ametu is a military veteran that, after traveling the world in the Navy, fell in love with eastern Washington's small town feel and decided this was his home.In June of 2018, Rion will marry the love of his life and adopt her 10 year old daughter. He served in the United States Navy for almost 6 years years on the fast attack submarine SSN 772 USS Greeneville as a sonar technician submarines for 4 years.


He is the son of a 911 Operator for the Los Angeles Police Department who upon retirement is also moving to the northwest to live near her son and her new family. As a worker in Spokane Rion has been a contractor, sales executive, RV detailer and to make ends meet an Uber and Lyft Driver on the side. He now attends Spokane Falls Community College pursuing a degree in electrical engineering.


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