Rion will fight for:

Our Workers

Rion Ametu will fight for fair economic policies that serve working families.

For far too long, labor productivity has risen, yet our wages remain stagnant. There is a pattern here. We have lost the ability to negotiate wages and a fairer share of profits from our productivity.

As laborers, we must come together and fight against a system that only cares about profits and global dominance of markets. Our families’ well-being is obviously not factored in to their equations.

We need another labor movement, and policy matters more than ever. For the last forty years the bar has been set for us.

We need to begin setting the bar for ourselves: 

Laborers deserve the right to full-time employment at a livable wage. Minimum wage needs to be attached to inflation.

Large businesses should only receive state benefits if they have a unionized workforce to ensure good working conditions, wages, and benefit standards are met.

Our state should not offer contracts, bids or employ any entity not represented by Trade Union, Co-Op or Profit Share.

Our Healthcare

Rion Ametu will explore innovative ways to bring more affordable healthcare to our community.

Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege.

With skyrocketing insurance premiums and prescription drug costs, it is clear our current system is broken. It is time for us to improve and build upon the current system to provide Washingtonians the healthcare they deserve: government funded, not-for-profit healthcare that includes comprehensive health, hearing, vision, dental, and behavioral care. We need to remove the profit motive from the health and services industry all together. The common good is more important than profits.

Our Environment

Rion Ametu will work to bring environmental sustainability and renewable energy sources to our state.

Our state has made incredible progress in green energy production, but it needs go further.

Washington state has the capacity to fully sustain itself on renewable energy sources, and we don’t have to wait for the federal government to catch up. All it takes is political will. We can create thousands of jobs that are unionized, have pensions, and retirements right here in our own state by doing so.

I will fight for a fully energy independent and renewable energy state by 2028 because, as many of us realize, we’re on the clock.

Our Students

Rion Ametu will work to make high-quality education available to all families from Pre-K to College.

We have seen severe state and federal budget cuts that undermine the ability of our local school districts to provide a quality education for our children, resulting in overcrowded classrooms, overburdened and stressed teachers, and inadequate support services like special education, after-school care and preschool programs. We need to do a better job of supporting teachers, giving them the resources they need to provide the best possible environment for teaching our children; our students deserve the best, and we are absolutely capable of providing it.

I will fight to improve and expand Pre-K through College education funding, as it is the backbone of our families, economy and state.

Spending in education is an investment, not a cost; with benefits to our economy, our quality of life and most importantly our children’s future.